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151 After Nathaniel and Gertrude died, the family did not remain close. Ralph and To had no children nor did Bessie and John. Frank probably had two children. Mamie and Sam lived in Elizabethton, Tennessee and had several children who remain in the area. Diane. Riddle, Nathaniel Dudley (I4957)
152 After Samuel's death his widow Elizabeth married John Riddle, Sr.  Both lived to almost 100 years old. John Riddle, Sr. was a widower with a large family when he and Elizabeth married. Elizabeth died shortly after 
Hawker, Elizabeth (I16489)
153 after three minutes. Rector, Katherine (I5141)
154 Age problem.
There is a Marsh Dudley listed in the will of William Dudley. Apparently there are two Marsh Dudleys, one the son of William and one the son of Abner Dudley.

Marsh Dudley, of Queen Ann County, ver weak of body
20 Feb 1777 / 17 Apr 1777
WHN 2/.Pg. 524
To Father - land “Whartons Adventure” - heirs and assigns forever
To sis Lide - 5 pounds
To sis Mary - 5 pounds
To Richard, William, Samuel Dudley - the rest of my estate to be divided equally.
Signed Marsh Dudley

Extr - Father Abner Dudley
Wit - George Williamson, Mary X Meginnis, Mary X Bolton
Wit - George Williamson states Marsh Dudley is “…of people called Quakers”. 
Dudley, Marsh (I16593)
155 aged 1 year, 4 months, 16 days. (Faulkwell) Fogwell, Mary E. (I94)
156 Airville
The Baracca and Philate classes of Salem M.E. Church held their monthly meeting at the home of Grace E. Taylor, this place on Tuesday evening. The meeting was in charge of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Glenn. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Haugh, Mr. and Mrs. Huber Glenn, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Posey, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Glenn, Mr. and Mrs. James Taylor, Mrs. J.W McLaughlin, Mrs. H.A. Barton, Mrs. Grace Glenn, Mrs. J. Paul Brown, Miss Nora Glenn, Hester and Jean Haugh, Grace Taylor, Jean Glenn, Hyacinth and Virginia Taylor, George Stephens, Gilpin Taylor, Clair Stephens, Mryl Taylor and Ellis Haugh. 
Taylor, Grace E. (I2213)
157 Alexander was born, 22 Dec 1782 in Rowan County, North Carolina, and died by drowning, 28 Aug 1820 in Jefferson Township, Preble County, Ohio.

First Husband of Elizabeth Gibbs (1786 - 1869). Elizabeth Gibbs was the daughter of Reverand John Gibbs and Rebecca Connelly. Reverend Gibbs was a Revolutionary Soldier #S-8556NC, and a Methodist Minister. Elizabeth's parents are buried at Obeth Methodist Church Cemetery, Burke County, North Carolina. 
Penland, Alexander (I18491)
158 Alice Hartung signed his DC. Who is Alice Hartung? Hartung, John Christopher (I10306)
159 Alice was the youngest child of Edward Charles and Ellen Evans, both from Pennsylvania. She died at a young age following the death of her daughter Hattie. They are buried side by side. Evans, Alice Ann (I4930)
160 Alive as of 1983 Riddle, Ernest (I6050)
161 Alive as of 1983. Married a Mr. Marphy Riddle, Gladys (I6051)
162 Alive as of 1983. Married a Mr. Maynard. Riddle, Lola (I6052)
163 All if these children were baptized in Hope Moravian Church. Slater, Mary (I11090)
164 All of Saul's children were living in West Virgina in August, 1983 at the time of John Nix, atty's reprot. Riddle, Solomon (I6109)
165 Allcock, Thomas,Talbot Co.,4th Mch., 1708-9;
13th June, 1709.
To dau. Elizabeth and hrs., 360 A., “Dudley's Choice” and “Strabridge,” excepting life interest in 40 acres of sd. land which is devised to Uriah Matthews and his wife ––.
To Joseph Blackwell and hrs., 100 A., part of “Phaselia” upon fork of Tuckahoe.
To John and Shederick Blackwell and hrs., sons of sd. John, 100 A., part of “Phaselia.”
Wife Hannah, extx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, including 100 A., residue of “Phaselia” afsd., 500 A., “The Advantage” at mouth of Tuckahoe Ck., 100 A., New Town and 220 A., part of “Bramfield” in Queen Anne's Co. At decease of wife, sd. lands to pass to Burtonwook Alcock.
Test: Richard Webster, Richard Dudley, Thomas Silvester.
Part 2–12. 73.
Dudley, Richard (I15073)
166 ALLEN CEMETERY: Location: In the Pensacola area keep on 197S to Ewart Wilson Road, continue on this road to Bear Path Trail. Cross the river here and go a short distance to a road that turns off to the right and up a hill. Follow this road a short distance to cemetery.
Roland, Rachael Ann (I5440)
167 Also a burial permit that states Wm Hilditch was removed from Baltimore Cem. March 21, 1887 and buried in lot no. 532 grave no. N.E.Cor. Hilditch, William H. (I2550)
168 also have Hampshire Co. Riddle, Sylvester Eli (I10656)
169 Also listed as 4 May 1742 Family F5027
170 also listed as being born in Randolph Co., West Virginia, now Tucker Co. Goff, Benjamin Riddle (I10679)
171 also listed as Randolph Co., now Tucker Co., West Virginia. 1850 Ritchie Co. census. Smith, Lydia Ann (I11023)
172 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1267)
173 Alternate DOD is 15 Nov. 1881 in Unionville, MO. Riddle, Abraham (I16620)
174 although his military record lists his DOB as 26 Jun. Lusby, Joseph Barnes (I299)
175 North Carolina Death Collection, 1908-1996 [database online, ]. Provo, Utah:, Inc., 2005., Name: Carmel Mcpeters, Death Date: 1 Jul 1992, Death County: Mitchell, Death State: North Carolina, Death Age: 75, Burial Location: Burial in state. McPeters, Carmon (I12382)
176 and had a total of 10 children. Family F3554
177 and had eight children. Family F3093
178 and had four children. Family F3553
179 and had seven children. Family F979
180 and had ten children. Family F2527
181 and had three children. Family F3097
182 and had twelve children. Family F3902
183 and his grave marker say's Hobart G. Riddle Nov 12, 1896 Sep. 29, 1944. He is buried next to is son with grave marker Gary H. Riddle in lot 221. Richard Riddle Riddle, Garrett (I2930)
184 and is supposed to be first born Lusby, Mary Ellen (I1868)
185 and later moved to Buncombe Co., North Carolina. Family F3072
186 and lived most of his live in Surry Co., Virginia. Buckner, Edward (I8679)
187 and moved to Buncombe Co. with his parents as a child. Buckner, Nimrod (I8703)
188 and moved to Frederick Co., MD. Family F3677
189 and they had four childrern. Hollis remained in New England except for a few family visits to Virginia. Family F3905
190 and weighted 14 pounds. Rector, Katherine (I5141)
191 Ansel was the son of Edmond Bailey, soldier in the French and Indian War, and tradition has it, a Native American mother. Though the exact location of his birth is uncertain, he lived in Wilkes County when his marriage bond to Elizabeth Bradley was posted in 1789. They had migrated to the Toe River Valley by the turn of the century and settled at Lower Brown's Creek near Celo, at the foot of a mountain that became known as Bailey Mountain. He and Elizabeth are buried on the premises of their farm, along with 30-35 others. In 1988 a marker that includes the names of their children was erected in the cemetery as a memorial and tribute to this pioneer couple.  Bailey, Ansel (I3451)
192 Apparently died young as she does not appear in any of the following census records. Riddle, Margaret (I7182)
193 Apparently had an illegitimate son, Johann Friedrich Eutner born 3 Apr 1858 baptized 25 Apr 1858. This would be a year before she married. Eutner, Juliane Amalie Henriette (I18378)
194 Apparently no relation to John Riddle 1680-1745. His son Walter Riddle died with no issue.

Benny, James, planter, Talbot Co., 23 March, 1723; 16 July, 1729.
To 3 sons, John, William, and James, real estate (220 A.) equally. Son James to live on dwell. plan.
To wife Kathrine, extx., use of dwell. plan. during life; entire personal estate absolutely.
Overseer: John Morgan.
Test. Walter Riddle (Riddell) Nicholas Brown, Isaac Hall, 19, 767. Volume 6

Carroll, George,Talbot Co.,18th Aug., 1679;
19th May, 1684.
To Anne Emerson, Thomas Brown, Ruth Amyson, Jane Riddall, dau. of Walter Riddall, Katharine Riddall, John Madbury, Richard Smith, John Glandening, personalty.
William Coursey, Jr., residuary legatee of estate, real and personal.
Ex.: Wm. Coursey, Sr.
Test: Jno. Willson, Michael Johnson. 4. 59. 
Riddle, Walter (I13473)
195 Appeared in 1850 and 1860 Calhoun Co. census. Hardman, George Washington (I10645)
196 Appeared in John Lusby will and was put in care of Robert Walmsley until coming of age. Was Margaret deceased? He inherited his father's entire estate.
Edward Lusby - Hazle Branch, 30 acres. Edward Lusby - 30 acres., 
Lusby, Edward (I1362)
197 appeared in Tax List as 228 acres.,
was Executor of his deceased sister Ann Preston,
was fined as a Non-Associator,
appeared in Tax List,
was Executor of Betty Lusby's Estate,
refused to deliver his firearm to the Committee of Observation,
over age 18,
appeared in Tax List, 
Lusby, Joseph (I1465)
198 appeared in Tax List, Lusby, Elizabeth (I2005)
199 Appeared in the 1870 Pensacola, NC census as a nephew of Wm Riddle. Riddle, Benjamin (I11898)
200 Appeared in the tax list., Lusby, Susanna (I2007)

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