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Queen Anne's Co., Maryland


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Latitude: 39.026357200, Longitude: -76.131995300


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dudley, Clarissa  Abt 1786Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I18201
2 Dudley, Elizabeth  Abt 1753Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I8764
3 Dudley, Elizabeth Olivia  1838Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I16971
4 Dudley, Eugene Lynch  31 Aug 1850Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I16976
5 Dudley, Georgeanna  1837Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I16970
6 Dudley, James Jr.  1750Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15042
7 Dudley, James Price  8 Feb 1808Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I16591
8 Dudley, Martha Virginia  Nov 1855Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I16977
9 Dudley, Mary  Abt 1747Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15039
10 Dudley, Mary Matilda  2 Oct 1839Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I16972
11 Dudley, Samuel  Abt 1790Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I18203
12 Dudley, Samuel Charles  Jun 1844Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I16973
13 Dudley, Sarah  Abt 1751Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15041
14 Dudley, Sarah Jane  19 Jun 1846Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I16974
15 Dudley, William Christopher  23 Aug 1835Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I16969
16 Dudley, William H  14 Sep 1847Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15280
17 Faulkner, Rachael Jane  1795Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I7545
18 Fogwell, Anne E.  1830Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I14705
19 Fogwell, Aquilla  Abt 1760Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I6936
20 Fogwell, Aquilla  1772Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I6931
21 Fogwell, C. Victoria  Apr 1892Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I10416
22 Fogwell, Clinton  1813Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I7569
23 Fogwell, Dudley  Abt 1790Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I6933
24 Fogwell, Elizabeth  Abt 1770Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I6937
25 Fogwell, Elizabeth Mollie  Abt 1785Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I6929
26 Fogwell, James Polk  5 Jul 1846Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I14704
27 Fogwell, Jamima  Abt 1757Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I6934
28 Fogwell, Jamima  Abt 1778Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I6932
29 Fogwell, Captain John Jr.  Abt 1755Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I6927
30 Fogwell, John  Abt 1810Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15866
31 Fogwell, John (Fletcher?)  1846Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15877
32 Fogwell, Lorenzo Dow  22 Oct 1825Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I7063
33 Fogwell, Lydia G. (E)  1837Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I14747
34 Fogwell, Mariam  1829Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I14801
35 Fogwell, Mary  1834Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I14809
36 Fogwell, Mary “Mollie?”  22 Feb 1847Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15878
37 Fogwell, Oliver E.  Apr 1860Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I7578
38 Fogwell, Sarah  Abt 1774Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I6928
39 Fogwell, Sarah Catherine  1835Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15876
40 Fogwell, Rev. Sylvester J.  Feb 1864Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I7065
41 Fogwell, Tilla  Abt 1789Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I6938
42 Goodhand, Anna L.  1849Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15911
43 Joiner, Alan Benjamin  1892Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I18250
44 Joiner, Elizabeth  Abt 1777Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I18232
45 Joiner, Henrietta  Abt 1788Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I18234
46 Joiner, Mary  Abt 1796Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I18237
47 Joiner, Moses  Abt 1760Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I18253
48 Joiner, Richard  Abt 1785Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I18233
49 Joiner, Samuel  1780Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I18236
50 Joiner, Sarah  Abt 1792Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I18235

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beck, Eunice B.  1954Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15938
2 Dudley, Abner  Sep 1779Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15046
3 Dudley, James  Bef 2 Mar 1768Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I8763
4 Dudley, Marsh  Apr 1777Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I16593
5 Dudley, Mary  Abt 1825Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15039
6 Dudley, Nicholas  Jun 1820Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15040
7 Dudley, Richard  Feb 1786Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15053
8 Dudley, Samuel Charles  23 Nov 1926Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I16973
9 Faulkner, Rachael Jane  Abt 1855Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I7545
10 Fogwell, Aquilla  Abt 1787Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I6936
11 Fogwell, Aquilla  Abt 1855Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I6931
12 Fogwell, Clinton  23 Aug 1885Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I7569
13 Fogwell, Jamima  Bef 1818Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I6934
14 Fogwell, John  21 Feb 1798Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I6926
15 Fogwell, Mariam  18 Jan 1891Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I14801
16 Holding, Ann  1803Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I18316
17 Joiner, Samuel  1824Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I18186
18 Kenton, James  1758Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15070
19 Kenton, William J.  Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15069
20 Leagar | Leager, Charles Dudley  22 Jul 1892Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15956
21 Leagar | Leager, Emma Viola  7 Feb 1977Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15949
22 Marsh, Mary Katherine  1737Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I18197
23 Moore, Mary Elizabeth  1895Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I18103
24 Peters, James  1810Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I18315
25 Reed, Rachel  13 Mar 1851Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I16428
26 Ringgold, Eliza M. (Wales)  Abt 1865Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15910
27 Rolph, John  1801Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I16028
28 Rolph, John Fletcher  1943Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15885
29 Rolph, Thomas  1797Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I16037
30 Smith, Susan Catherine  20 Jan 1853Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I18104
31 Sudler, Susan C.  Abt 1837Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15867
32 Tarbutton, Mary Elizabeth  28 Aug 1848Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15905
33 Tarbutton, Samuel Smith  1828Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15899
34 Tarbutton, Samuel Smith  10 Sep 1903Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15908
35 Warner, Sarah Massey  1928Queen Anne's Co., Maryland I15893


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Comegys / Fogwell  Aft 1930Queen Anne's Co., Maryland F3633
2 Dudley / Goodhand  23 Oct 1834Queen Anne's Co., Maryland F12083
3 Dudley / Welsh  Abt 1746Queen Anne's Co., Maryland F3155
4 Fogwell / Dudley  Abt 1771Queen Anne's Co., Maryland F2500
5 Fogwell / Faulkner  Abt 1815Queen Anne's Co., Maryland F895
6 Fogwell / Slaughter  7 Jan 1890Queen Anne's Co., Maryland F2546
7 Goodhand / Ringgold  Abt 1848Queen Anne's Co., Maryland F11580
8 Goodhand / Tarbutton  11 Sep 1867Queen Anne's Co., Maryland F11551
9 Joiner / Gardiner  1 Jan 1817Queen Anne's Co., Maryland F13256
10 Knotts / Fogwell  8 Jan 1855Queen Anne's Co., Maryland F392
11 Knotts / Stockley  1890Queen Anne's Co., Maryland F914
12 Leagar | Leager / Anderson  1908Queen Anne's Co., Maryland F11607
13 Leagar | Leager / Powell  Abt 1858Queen Anne's Co., Maryland F11605
14 Mallalieu / Beck  Abt 1912Queen Anne's Co., Maryland F11565
15 Moore / Tarbutton  15 Jan 1846Queen Anne's Co., Maryland F11579
16 Roe / Mallalieu  1894Queen Anne's Co., Maryland F11566
17 Rolph / Tarbutton  15 Jun 1848Queen Anne's Co., Maryland F11550
18 Seegar / Fogwell  Abt 1777Queen Anne's Co., Maryland F2502
19 Seegar / Price  2 Mar 1818Queen Anne's Co., Maryland F13171
20 Tucker / Harrington  29 Apr 1846Queen Anne's Co., Maryland F2712