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Ritchie Co., West Virginia


Tree: Family

Latitude: 39.182230300, Longitude: -81.031298900


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bush, Sarah Mary  10 Jun 1822Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11046
2 Buzzard, Nancy Elizabeth  Sep 1844Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11060
3 Byrd, Davis  Abt 1830Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11028
4 Cunningham, Nancy Hilea  Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10877
5 Cunningham, Richard Benjamin  Apr 1800Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10861
6 Davidson, Sarah  1819Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11065
7 Fleming, Nancy  1850Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11040
8 Foy, Catherine  1801Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10988
9 Goff, Alexander  Abt 1830Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10982
10 Goff, Alexander C.  1838Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11029
11 Goff, Andrew Cora  1855Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11037
12 Goff, Barnes Smith  1848Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11001
13 Goff, Benjamin Franklin  28 Oct 1852Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11036
14 Goff, Benjamin Riddle  25 Dec 1811Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10679
15 Goff, Dorcas Elizabeth  Jul 1842Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11031
16 Goff, Ezra Lee  12 May 1860Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11058
17 Goff, Francis Guthria  5 Dec 1851Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11018
18 Goff, James Carrico  1803Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10676
19 Goff, James Henson  Abt 1824Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10978
20 Goff, Jethro Green  25 Sep 1849Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11016
21 Goff, John Smith  1843Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10999
22 Goff, Julia A.  Abt 1850Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10985
23 Goff, Justus Simeon  19 Mar 1837Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11007
24 Goff, Lafayette  Abt 1842Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11049
25 Goff, Lathrop M.  18 Apr 1858Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11057
26 Goff, Martha Ellen  21 Jun 1850Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11055
27 Goff, Mary  1841Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10998
28 Goff, Mary Louisa  Jul 1840Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10914
29 Goff, Mary Sophronia  8 Apr 1851Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11035
30 Goff, Rachel Vedella  22 Jun 1855Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11021
31 Goff, Rebecca Ann  28 Nov 1846Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11032
32 Goff, Ruhama  1845Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11000
33 Goff, Salathiel  1802Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10675
34 Goff, Sarah Jane  1847Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11034
35 Goff, Thomas Thornton  8 May 1853Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11056
36 Goff, William Hunter  Apr 1844Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10915
37 Hardman, Asbury Pool  1827Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10820
38 House, Julia  Abt 1830Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10975
39 Peck, Tarlton  14 Apr 1834Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10893
40 Riddle, David J.  19 Oct 1832Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10891
41 Riddle, Eleven  10 May 1816Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10685
42 Riddle, Elijah M.  29 Jul 1840Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10932
43 Riddle, Hannah Jane  18 Aug 1803Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10655
44 Riddle, Ida Grant  12 Apr 1869Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10905
45 Riddle, James Fletcher Sansone  6 Feb 1837Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10894
46 Riddle, Jane Riddle  10 Mar 1841Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10896
47 Riddle, John Clinton Sr.  28 Jun 1830Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10888
48 Riddle, Lafayette  13 Dec 1844Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10934
49 Riddle, Laura B.  17 Jul 1865Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10904
50 Riddle, Orville Loman  21 Jul 1860Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10901

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cunningham, Nancy Hilea  Abt 1908Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10877
2 Cunningham, Richard Benjamin  24 Apr 1853Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10861
3 Cunningham, Sarah E.  29 Nov 1855Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10881
4 Davidson, Sarah  1 Oct 1890Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11065
5 Goff, Alexander Sr.  1857Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10671
6 Goff, Alexander Jr.  26 Sep 1882Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10682
7 Goff, Andrew Cora  1855Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11037
8 Goff, Barnes Smith  Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11001
9 Goff, Benjamin Franklin  21 Jan 1921Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11036
10 Goff, Benjamin Riddle  Jul 1867Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10679
11 Goff, Benjamin S.  1 Jan 1886Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10912
12 Goff, Elijah Coleman  8 Apr 1916Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11030
13 Goff, Hannah Roanna  24 Dec 1912Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11027
14 Goff, James Henson  Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10978
15 Goff, John  9 Sep 1860Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10674
16 Goff, John W.  26 Sep 1899Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10983
17 Goff, Justus Simeon  8 Jul 1877Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11007
18 Goff, Mary Sophronia  27 Jun 1936Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11035
19 Goff, Sarah Jane  14 Feb 1855Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11034
20 Goff, Strawther  24 Dec 1912Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11026
21 Goff, Strother Gail  22 Nov 1892Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10908
22 Goff, Thankful Ann  30 Jul 1897Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11004
23 Goff, Thomas Thornton  24 Nov 1933Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11056
24 Goff, William Hunter  1907Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10915
25 Hardman, Asbury Pool  30 Jul 1903Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10820
26 Riddle, David J.  23 Aug 1923Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10891
27 Riddle, Hannah Jane  13 Dec 1881Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10655
28 Riddle, Ida Grant  29 Apr 1937Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10905
29 Riddle, Jane Riddle  10 Oct 1844Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10896
30 Riddle, John Clinton Sr.  1 Oct 1866Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10888
31 Riddle, Laura B.  12 May 1876Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10904
32 Riddle, Nancy  23 Dec 1889Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10658
33 Riddle, Orville Loman  2 Oct 1942Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10901
34 Riddle, Rachel  6 Jan 1891Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10892
35 Riddle, Rebecca  6 Jan 1923Ritchie Co., West Virginia I18017
36 Riddle, Sylvester Eli  28 Oct 1896Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10656
37 Smith, Hila  1827Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10878
38 Smith, Lydia Ann  12 Mar 1901Ritchie Co., West Virginia I11023
39 Stutler, Emily Jane  5 Mar 1870Ritchie Co., West Virginia I10884


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barnhouse / Goff  Abt 1875Ritchie Co., West Virginia F3875
2 Bee / Goff  2 Jan 1867Ritchie Co., West Virginia F3883
3 Byrd / Goff  1 Dec 1859Ritchie Co., West Virginia F3882
4 Connally / Fleming  14 Apr 1870Ritchie Co., West Virginia F3884
5 Goff / Foy  Abt 1822Ritchie Co., West Virginia F3783
6 Goff / Riddle  6 Mar 1829Ritchie Co., West Virginia F3774
7 Goff / Smith  7 Aug 1830Ritchie Co., West Virginia F3785
8 Goff / Smith  14 Sep 1865Ritchie Co., West Virginia F3887
9 Hardman / Goff  21 Jul 1817Ritchie Co., West Virginia F3761
10 Peck / Riddle  1 Apr 1858Ritchie Co., West Virginia F3854
11 Riddle / Goff  20 Oct 1889Ritchie Co., West Virginia F3974
12 Riddle / Gregg  22 Jan 1866Ritchie Co., West Virginia F11037
13 Riddle / Osbourne  17 Jul 1873Ritchie Co., West Virginia F3772
14 Venoy / Cunningham  26 Nov 1885Ritchie Co., West Virginia F3849