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York Co., Pennsylvania


Tree: Family

Latitude: 39.951249600, Longitude: -76.733652100


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Wise, William R.  1907York Co., Pennsylvania I14548
2 Wise, Wesley J.  1904York Co., Pennsylvania I14538
3 Wise, Sara A.  1909York Co., Pennsylvania I14540
4 Wise, Riley W.  1906York Co., Pennsylvania I14539
5 Wise, J. Frank  1900York Co., Pennsylvania I11411
6 Walker, Maurice J.  7 Feb 1860York Co., Pennsylvania I2106
7 Walker, Edna M.  12 Dec 1899York Co., Pennsylvania I11409
8 Walker, Alice Mae  11 Jan 1893York Co., Pennsylvania I2444
9 Taylor, Thomas Dale Jr.  1907York Co., Pennsylvania I14699
10 Taylor, Ramsey J.  1902York Co., Pennsylvania I14697
11 Taylor, John Thomas  29 Aug 1830York Co., Pennsylvania I2107
12 Taylor, James W.  1930York Co., Pennsylvania I2601
13 Taylor, Edith I.  1904York Co., Pennsylvania I14698
14 Stevens, Harriet E.  18 Sep 1867York Co., Pennsylvania I2113
15 Snodgrass, Guy A.  Dec 1882York Co., Pennsylvania I14673
16 Pomraning, Lottie Blanch  Abt 1887York Co., Pennsylvania I14881
17 Pomraning, Lillian Dean  1924York Co., Pennsylvania I2262
18 Pomraning, John William  1862York Co., Pennsylvania I14879
19 Pomraning, Harold L.  30 Oct 1921York Co., Pennsylvania I2261
20 Neal, Alberta  13 Nov 1886York Co., Pennsylvania I8849
21 McDowell, John  2 Dec 1812York Co., Pennsylvania I16612
22 Kilgore, Rebecca  8 Dec 1822York Co., Pennsylvania I17761
23 Kilgore, Joshua  3 Feb 1794York Co., Pennsylvania I8019
24 Keener, Mary Jane  27 Apr 1898York Co., Pennsylvania I14683
25 Douglas, Sarah Amanda  8 Sep 1858York Co., Pennsylvania I17766
26 Douglas, Mary Martha  27 Mar 1850York Co., Pennsylvania I17764
27 Douglas, Jane Ellen A.  31 Jul 1848York Co., Pennsylvania I17763
28 Douglas, James Lemon  10 Jul 1855York Co., Pennsylvania I17765
29 Day, George A.  York Co., Pennsylvania I2168
30 Barnett, Rachel E.  11 Dec 1857York Co., Pennsylvania I8879
31 Barnett, Nancy M.  27 Jun 1848York Co., Pennsylvania I2437
32 Barnett, Joseph D.  1869York Co., Pennsylvania I8880
33 Barnett, Harold A.  Feb 1878York Co., Pennsylvania I14586
34 Barnett, David Alva  12 Jan 1841York Co., Pennsylvania I14649


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Wise, Elizabeth Jane  1 Sep 1921York Co., Pennsylvania I14450
2 Walker, James Eli  14 Sep 1907York Co., Pennsylvania I2439
3 Taylor, Elizabeth  18 Apr 1891York Co., Pennsylvania I8888
4 Snyder, William Henry  6 Sep 2011York Co., Pennsylvania I2290
5 Snyder, Michael  26 Feb 1900York Co., Pennsylvania I8889
6 Pomraning, Thomas Leslie  27 Dec 1971York Co., Pennsylvania I2184
7 Norris, Margaret Jane  1902York Co., Pennsylvania I14422
8 Devoe, Jessie Corrine  23 Apr 1971York Co., Pennsylvania I2260
9 Day, Laura Margret  2 Apr 1920York Co., Pennsylvania I2169
10 Burke, John  15 Feb 1907York Co., Pennsylvania I8901
11 Barton, Anna  1897York Co., Pennsylvania I14880
12 Barnett, Rachel E.  18 Feb 1862York Co., Pennsylvania I8879
13 Barnett, Martha E.  21 Mar 1919York Co., Pennsylvania I8877
14 Barnett, Joseph D.  1884York Co., Pennsylvania I8880


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Wise / Wright  1917York Co., Pennsylvania F804
2 Wales / Wright  1924York Co., Pennsylvania F807
3 Swagert / Wise  York Co., Pennsylvania F2899
4 Snodgrass / Keener  9 Feb 1916York Co., Pennsylvania F4930
5 Scott / Swagert  24 Jan 1888York Co., Pennsylvania F2891
6 Pomraning / Devoe  York Co., Pennsylvania F822
7 Pomraning / Barton  Abt 1886York Co., Pennsylvania F4963
8 Morton / Scott  York Co., Pennsylvania F2898
9 Kilgore / Stevens  York Co., Pennsylvania F771
10 Downs / Keener  25 Dec 1917York Co., Pennsylvania F4928