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Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland


Tree: Family

Latitude: 39.208998600, Longitude: -76.066612600


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Willis, James William  31 Jan 1954Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I16350
2 White, Ralph Eli  26 Jun 1930Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I17715
3 Lusby, William Thomas  31 May 1853Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I8013
4 Lusby, Emily Anne  11 Oct 1859Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I2664
5 Lusby, Albert Franklin  25 Aug 1874Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I2685
6 Howard, John William  1867Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I6491
7 Howard, Charles T.  1869Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I6492
8 Harris, Anna Rebecca  10 Jan 1887Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I14873
9 Ford, Louis Edward  10 Nov 1912Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I7912
10 Fogwell, Lucy Arminta  21 Nov 1879Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I2666
11 Fogwell, Laura Virginia  21 Nov 1887Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I2665
12 Fogwell, James Lennard  30 May 1872Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I2425
13 Fogwell, Hallie Olivia  14 Apr 1881Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I2667
14 Fogwell, Ethel Sarah  5 May 1886Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I2643
15 Elliott, William Eli  23 Jul 1894Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I2803
16 Elliott, Sarah Elizabeth  1901Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I2804
17 Elliott, Robert Lusby  14 Sep 1919Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I2810
18 Elliott, Katherine Virginia  1904Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I2805
19 Dwyer, William T.  1870Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I2799
20 Dwyer, Jesse G.  1861Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I17725
21 Dwyer, Belle L.  1864Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I17726
22 Coleman, Helen L.  1909Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I17718


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Toulson, Mary Elizabeth  24 Apr 1970Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I15195
2 Miller, William Henry  6 Jul 1971Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I15219
3 Miller, Mabel Elizabeth  4 Jan 1993Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I15221
4 Miller, Albert Russell  30 Dec 1995Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I15291
5 Meeks, Percival Francis  Dec 1982Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I15207
6 Meekin, Charles N. Sr.  26 Nov 1916Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I10282
7 Mason, Hilda M.  13 Mar 2010Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I6948
8 Lusby, Walter Usilton  13 Jul 1966Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I2741
9 Lusby, Raymond Linwood  7 Sep 1998Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I2830
10 Lusby, Josiah  20 Feb 1905Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I2709
11 Lusby, Eleanor Elizabeth  21 Mar 1931Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I2721
12 Leagar | Leager, Charles H.  8 May 1941Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I14820
13 Howard, John William  Bef 1912Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I6491
14 Howard, John F.  14 Jun 1912Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I2027
15 Howard, Charles T.  Bef 1912Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I6492
16 Goodman, William R. Jr.  Jun 1977Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I6954
17 Fogwell, Ruth A.  10 Mar 2000Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I15201
18 Fogwell, Maude E.  30 Oct 1987Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I15202
19 Fogwell, James Lennard  2 Sep 1942Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I2425
20 Elliott, William Eli  Nov 1976Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I2803
21 Elburn, Walter Ludlow  11 Nov 1969Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I15223
22 Blizzard, Herman Allan  5 Nov 2007Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I15203
23 Beasien, Bertha Virginia  12 Jan 2000Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland I15287


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Leagar | Leager / Pinder  4 Jan 1883Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland F10884
2 Fogwell / Lusby  28 Aug 1877Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland F993
3 Elliott / Hawkins  1920Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland F1062
4 Coleman / Elliott  1908Chestertown, Kent Co., Maryland F1061