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20th Tennessee Cavalry, CSA - Thomas G Riddle

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  • Title 20th Tennessee Cavalry, CSA - Thomas G Riddle 
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    Text Thomas G. Riddle?Company K. Enlisted September 1, 1863 at Cottage Grove, TN, by Capt. Bowman for the war. Absent on roll for Mar/April 1864, "Absent without leave from April 28, 1864". Present on roll for May/June 1864. Killed at Harrisburg.?Born 1834, Pittsylvania Co. VA. Married 1858, America J. Hodges, in Pittsylvania Co. VA. Widow's pension file #130.?Source: Compiled Service Records [R], Rennolds (1904/61); Sherril (1992)

    Also known as Harrisburg -- the town of Harrisburg has been absorbed by present day Tupelo.
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    Fighting around Harrisburg was spread over four days: the 13-16 of July 1864. Several actions were fought on the 13th. The 20th was involved in one at the Coonewah Crossroads. The actual battle of Harrisburg was fought on the 14th, and there was fighting at Old Town Creek on the 15th, and at Ellistown on the 16th.
    In a report (Official Records, I-39-1, p. 347), Gen. Bell describes the events of the 14th:
    My brigade was placed on the extreme left of the line, the Fifteenth Tennessee on the right, ... The officers and men acted their part well, approaching within seventy-five yards of the breast-works, and maintaining their position under a most galling fire until the ammunition was well nigh exhausted, and they were ordered to give way to another brigade, leaving a good many of our dead and wounded on the field. The place was truly a hot one, and the enemy's position strong and commanding, well selected, and well fortified. The loss of the brigade in killed and wounded, both with the officers and the men, was immense.

    The 20th's casualties for the three days of fighting around Harrisburg were Capt. J.M. Fields and 11 men killed, 9 officers and 84 men wounded, Lt. T. Hawkins mortally, for an aggregate of 105 casualties. The brigade had 400 casualties, and 996 were reported for the Buford's division. (Official Records, I-39-1, p. 335). Col. Russell was among the wounded (Bearss, 1991; Mathes, 1902/86, p. 259). 
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