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Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia’s Northern Neck Counties

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  • Title Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia’s Northern Neck Counties 
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    Text Lusby, Robert, Anne Arundel Co., 26th Feb., 1674; 19th May, 1674.
    To son Jacob, ex., 50 A. on n. side A. Arundel R.
    To wife Dorothy during life, residue of estate, real and personal, including "Georgetown."
    To sons Zachariah and Robert, plantation afsd. at death of their mother.
    To dau. Sarah, personalty.
    Test: Philip Thomas, Richard Hill. 2. 63.
    Edwards, John, Anne Arundel Co., 13th May, 1670; 13th Nov., 1675.
    Wife Eliza:, execx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal.
    Test: Sam'l. Withers, Robt. Lusby. 2. 362.
    Withers, Samuel, Anne Arundel Co., 23rd Mch., 1670; 2nd June, 1671. To wife Eliza:, 1/2 estate, real and personal. To son Samuel, 1/2 estate at majority and entire estate at death of wife afsd. To the care of Capt. William Burgess and Richard Hill are committed William Pennington and Thomas Pennington, orphans of William Pennington of Anne Arundel Co., to whom is left testator's estate in event of death of son Samuel afsd.
    Test: Thomas March, Robt. Lusbie, Richard Hill. 1. 436.
    Buckenall, Thomas, Anne Arundel Co., 31st Mch., 1683; 17th July, 1683.
    To Peter Hyde, personalty.
    To wife Mary, execx., 50 A., "Lusby."
    To Eliza:, dau. of sd. wife, land afsd. at death of her mother.
    To Edward Wheelock, son of sd. wife, and hrs., sd. land in event of death of Eliza: without issue. Test: Jno. Andrew, Wm. Pennington, Anne Symonds. 4. 20. 
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