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Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia’s Northern Neck Counties

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  • Title Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia’s Northern Neck Counties 
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    Text Lusby, Jacob,A. A. Co.,12th Mch., 1708-9; 19th July, 1709.
    To eld. son John and hrs., plantation on which he lives.
    To son Robert, personalty.
    To son Thomas and hrs., dwelling plantation ––.
    To daus. Hannah Johnson, Mary and Ruth (Lusby), personalty.
    To Robert Davidge, personalty.
    Dau. Mary to live at dwelling plantation. Should she marry during minority of son Thomas afsd., he to be of age at 20 yrs.
    Exs.: Eld. son John and Robert Johnson.
    Overseers: brother Robert Lusby and John Davidge.
    Test: Joseph Hill, Moses Adney, Nathan Phillips.
    Part 2–12. 121.
    Jacob Lusby 30.126 I AA £210.18.8 Aug 12 1709 Nov 18 1709
    Appraisers: Edward Rumney, Anthony Ruley.
    Executor: Robert Johnson.
    Jacob Lusby 32B.120 A AA £210.18.8 £38.4.8 Apr 23 1711
    Payments to: Dr. William Lock, Albertus Greening, Henry Bateman, Mrs. Rachel Freborn, Mary Egerton, Moses Adney, Mr. Joseph Hill, Thomas Bordley.
    Executors: Robert Johnson, John Lusby.
    Jacob Lusby 1.235 A AA £211.3.8 £224.1.6 Sep 16 1718
    Received from: Jonathon Scarth (merchant in London).
    Payments to: Dr. Mordecai Moore, Robert Johnson (accountant), John Beard. Legatees (children): Robert Lusby, Thomas Lusby, Hannah Johnson, Mary Lusby, Ruth Lusby.
    Balance to (equally, children): Mary Lusby, Thomas Lusby, Ruth Lusby.
    Mentions: no infants.
    Executors: Robert Johnson, John Lusby.
    Arnell, Richard, Anne Arundel Co., 27th May, 1683; 24th Apr., 1684. To wife Martha, execx., "Cumberstone" during widowhood. To son Samuel, sd. plantation in event of his mother's marriage; to be of age at 18 yrs. To daus. Sarah and Eliza:, personalty, at age. Overseers: Brother Samuel Thomas, brother Edward Talbot, Wm. Richardson, Benj. Lawrence. Test: Jacob Lusby, Jno. Robeson, Wm. Edwards. 4. 123.

    Cross, Elinor, A. A. Co., 23rd Oct., 1719; 2nd Nov., 1719.
    To dau--in-law Mary Cross, extx., and hrs. , "Ferry Point's on Baldwin's Ck. (for dose. see will), dwelling house and personal estate.
    To sons Joshua, and Thomas Cross, residue of " Beard 's Dock." Shd. son Thomas die without issue, his portion to pass to Jacob: son of John Lusby. Shd. Joshua afsd. die without issue, his portion to Jacob Lusby afsd.
    To dau. Priscilla Fowler, personalty.
    Debts contracted with Saml. Young and Joseph Hill to be satisfied out of rents.
    Test: Saml. Warner, Stephen West, Jane Sardy, Elizabeth West. 15. 273. 
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