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John Riddle Petition 1794, Name Of Person: John Riddle

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  • Title John Riddle Petition 1794, Name Of Person: John Riddle 
    Publisher March 1794 
    Source ID S540 
    Text John Riddle Petition Notes
    In 1795 John Riddle's children and grandchildren petitioned to divide all of his estate and sell the acreage. Commissioners Richard Walker, James Beck, Joseph Beck, Thomas Duvall and Joseph Chaney advised against it saying the land was of poor quality and would only sell for $300/acre.
    4/1794--John Riddle deceased--grandchildren petitioned his Bond of 2/13/1794.
    John's nine children & grandchildren are:
    1. Jacob Riddle, Prince George's County, Maryland
    2. Joseph Riddle, Prince George's County, Maryland
    3. Zachariah Riddle, Loudoun County, Virginia (was part of Prince George's County)
    4. Basil Riddle, Greenville, North Carolina
    5. Sally Nicholson (husband Francis) of Frederick County, Maryland.
    6. Eldest son George Riddle, deceased--His 5 children are:
    George,Jr.; Samuel; Jeremiah; Mary Hutchison (husband Benjamin) Elizabeth Walker (husband Joseph); Ann Riddle all of Loudoun County,Virginia.
    7. 2nd oldest son John Riddle--deceased, His sons: Randall & John of Greenville, North Carolina.
    8. Samuel Riddle--deceased.
    His children: John Riddle, Sarah Riddle, Elizabeth Riddle (deceased) of Montgomery County, Maryland.
    9. Elizabeth Beck--deceased (husband Anthony)
    John Beck of Kentucky; Anthony Beck, Jr. of Montgomery County, Maryland.
    Jeremiah Beck of Montgomery County, Maryland
    James Beck of Prince George's County, Maryland under 21 years of age, living with his guardian.
    John Riddle's property listed as:
    50 acres "Poplar Thickett"
    63 1/2 acres "The Addition to Poplar Thickett"
    76 1/2 acres "Addition to Hope Enlarged"
    Total 190 acres Property valued at $3.00 an acre CR34-684-1,P 143-146
    8/9/1796--Zachariah H Riddle Loudoun County, Virginia, executor of father John Riddle's estate sold two tracts of land Part of Addition to The Hope Enlarged & Part of of Poplar Thickett.
    (1813-John Riddle's grandson Jacob Riddle, Jr. bought part of this property).
    Today This Property is in Frederick County,Maryland 
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    Family: Francis Nicholson / Susannah Riddle
    Family: Benjamin Hutchinon / Mary Riddle
    Family: Joseph Walker / Elizabeth Riddle
    Family: Anthony Beck / Elizabeth Riddle