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Welcome to my Genealogy Page. My name is Jim Hartung and my interest in genealogy is the reason for going online. I hope that I may find others who are also interested in these families.

The amount of information provided on this site varies. You will find that there is a large amount that deal with my Riddle and Lusby lines. The database consists of over 3000 Riddle descendants and over 1000 Lusby relations and a total of over 20,000 people.

If your Hartung ancestors entered or lived in the Baltimore area beginning in the last century be sure and check the Hartung section.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any information or questions.

Genealogy Database
If you are searching for a particular person or surname use the Genealogy Database. Due to security concerns living people are not included in this database.

Hartung Family - Thüringia, Germany
Descendants of Johann Christoph Hartung 1775 - 1833 Mühlhausen, Thüringia, Germany and related Hartung information.

Riddle Family - Maryland & Stoke's County, North Carolina
Extensive information dealing with descendants of John Riddle Of Maryland who settled in western North Carolina circa 1790.

Fogwell Family - Maryland
Descendants of John Fogwell circa 1735 of Queen Anne's Co., MD and related Fogwell information.

Lusby Family - Maryland
Extensive information dealing with Robert Lusby (1638 -1673) and descendants who settled in Maryland, and related Lusby information.

Walker Family - Lancaster & York Co., Pennsylvania
Descendants of John Walker 1790 Lancaster Co., PA and related Walker information.

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