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Fogwell Name Origin

The earliest know record for a member of the Fogwell family in the early 1300s in Devon, England and the earliest known vital records (baptism, marriage or burial) are from the 1600s in Devon
According to the book
A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames with Special American Instances by Charles Wareing Bardsely the name Fogwell is derived from the surname Vogwell.  It appears that the Vogwell (Fogwell) family was originally from the Devon, England area.  There is a town named Ogwell in Devon but whether this name is related to Vogwell has not been determined. The earliest Fogwell located in the US is Nicholas Fogwell, Captain of the sloop Francis and Catherine, which arrived in Boston, Massachusetts from Barbados on 11 June 1716.  Nicholas was married in Barbados to Thomasine Willoughby on 19 September 1714.  There are indications that Nicholas was born in Worborough And Newton Abbot, Devon, England about 1684.  It is unknown if Nicholas settled in the US. 

Fogwell Family Origins in Maryland

The earliest Fogwells located to date in Maryland are John Fogwell of Queen Anne's County and George Fogwell of Washington Co.  Recent information indicates that George was not related to John Fogwell of Queen Anne's Co. as previously thought.

Records discovered in the Devon Record Office state that George Fogwell was transported to Virginia from Great Britain as a felon in 1771.  George then appears in Virginia in 1771 under the name of George Vogwell. George Fogwell (1750-1838) resided in Washington County, Maryland and served in the American Revolution. George is listed as serving as a Sergeant with the Maryland Troops and was listed as a deserter. He is also listed as being a prisoner in the Provost of New York according to the muster rolls of Captain Francis Frasers' Company of Guides and Pioneers, a Loyalist group. George had at least one son, William and William had eleven children: George, Maria, Salome, Catherine, Samuel, Susanna, John, Anna, Sarah and Roseanna, John, Samuel and Sarah, migrated to Ohio while the remaining children stayed in western Maryland.

In his will John Fogwell (c. 1730-1798) of Queen Anne's County written in 1798, mentions his children, Capt. John Fogwell (1755-1840), Jamima Fogwell (1757-), and Aquilla Fogwell (1760-c.1788). Also listed were Capt. John Fogwell's six children: Sara (c. 1774-), Elizabeth (1780-) who married John Seigar, Aquilla (c. 1786-), Tilla (c. 1789-) who married Benjamin Hoalding, Jamima (c. 1791-) and Dudley (c. 1794-).

Fogwell Researchers

Family Line: John Fogwell circa 1740-1798 of Queen Anne and Kent Co., MD
Contact: Jim Long or Jim Hartung

Family Line: John Fogwell circa 1740-1798 of Queen Anne and Kent Co., MD
Contact: Ruby Fogwell

Family Line: John A. Fogwell (1813-1881) son of George Fogwell of Washington Co., MD, died in Greene Co., OH.
Contact: Lois P. Fowler 2226 Springmill Rd. Kettering, OH 45440-2502

Family Line: George Fogwell of Washington Co., MD.
Contact: Elise Simpson

Family Line: Queen Anne and Kent County Fogwells.
Contact: Brenda C. Mondragon
WEB Site: A Walk in the Woods

Family Line: Queen Anne and Kent County Fogwells.
Contact: Jim Fogwell

Family Line: Richard Fogwell b. abt. 1842 Harberton, Devon, England.
Contact: Paul Ashton

Family Line: Thompson Vogwell Family
Contact: Mary Vogwell

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