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Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia’s Northern Neck Counties

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  • Title Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia’s Northern Neck Counties 
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    Text Lusby, Robert, planter, A. A. Co., 2nd June, 1733; 25th Aug., 1733.
    To son Robert, part of "Chillberry Hall," Ballo. Co., n. side Bush R., as it is now divided between him and his brother Jacob during life; at decease of sd. Robert his portion to pass to son Jacob and hrs.; but should son Robert survive his present wife, , then afsd. part of "Chillberry Hall" is bequeathed to him and his hrs.; and personalty.
    To son Jacob and hrs., other part of afsd. tract; and personalty.
    To daus. Mary Turpine, Hannah Drew, Naomy Gaeslin, Susannah and Milcah, and sons Zachary, Draper, Henry and Joseph, personalty.
    to son Joseph and hrs., dwelling plantation, "George Town," St. Anne's Parish, sd. son dying during his minority to pass to son Henry and hrs., sd. Henry dying during minority to pass to son Draper and hrs , he dying as afsd. to pass to son Zachary and hrs.; and personalty. Residue of personalty to be divided among Zachary, Draper, Henry, Joseph and Milcah. Sons Henry and Joseph to be for themselves at age of 18. Dau. Micah to care of Thomas Jobson and his wife.
    Exs.: Thos. Jobson, sons Zachary and Draper.
    Overseers: Ezekile Gillis, John Andrews.
    Test; Samuel Young, Major John Davidge (David), John Andrews. 20. 813.
    Mr. Robert Lusby 18.176 AA £214.14.7 Dec 7 1733 Dec 31 1733
    Appraisers: Ezekiell Gilliss, John Andrews.
    Creditors: William Stevenson, Susannah Lusby.
    Next of kin: Susannah Lusby, Naomi Ghiselin.
    Executors: Thomas Gobson, Zachariah Lusby, Dreper Lusby.
    Robert Lusby 14.252 A AA £214.14.7 £50,18.11 Jun 8 1736
    Sureties: Vachel Denton, Thomas Lusby.
    Received from (merchants in London): Mr. Philip Smith, Mr. Charles Rogers.
    Payments to: Humphry Meredith, Dr. William Stephenson, Mr. Nicholas Maccubin, Charles Calvert, Esq., John Beale, Esq., administratrix of Charles Calvert, Esq.
    Legatees: Hannah Drew (daughter) wife of George Drew, Naomi Ghiselin (daughter) wife of William Ghiselin, Zachariah Lusby (accountant), Susannah Lusby (daughter, now Davidge), Draper Lusby (accountant).
    Executors: Thomas Jobson, Zachariah Lusby, Dreaper Lusby.
    Lusby, Robert, Anne Arundel Co., 26th Feb., 1674; 19th May, 1674.
    To son Jacob, ex., 50 A. on n. side A. Arundel R.
    To wife Dorothy during life, residue of estate, real and personal, including "Georgetown."
    To sons Zachariah and Robert, plantation afsd. at death of their mother.
    To dau. Sarah, personalty.
    Test: Philip Thomas, Richard Hill. 2. 63.
    Johnson, Stephen, Balto. Co., 20th Sept., 1700; 3rd Feb., 1701-2.
    To granddau. Mary, dau. of Robert Lusby, A. A. Co., at 18 yrs. of age, personalty.
    To son Robert, personalty.
    Wife Ann, extx. and residuary legatee of estate.
    Test: Henry Wriothesley, Ann Wriothesley, Thos. Cutchin. 11. 150
    Lusby, Jacob,A. A. Co.,12th Mch., 1708-9; 19th July, 1709.
    To eld. son John and hrs., plantation on which he lives.
    To son Robert, personalty.
    To son Thomas and hrs., dwelling plantation .
    To daus. Hannah Johnson, Mary and Ruth (Lusby), personalty.
    To Robert Davidge, personalty.
    Dau. Mary to live at dwelling plantation. Should she marry during minority of son Thomas afsd., he to be of age at 20 yrs.
    Exs.: Eld. son John and Robert Johnson.
    Overseers: brother Robert Lusby and John Davidge.
    Test: Joseph Hill, Moses Adney, Nathan Phillips. Part 2–12. 121.
    Robert Johnson 9.201 AA £508.13.6 Nov 21 1723
    Appraisers: Anthony Ruley, Henry Hill.
    Creditors: Richard Hill, Samuell Peele.
    Next of kin: Robert Lusby, Sr., Thomas Lusby.
    Executrix: Hannah Johnson 
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