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• Early Lusbys of England and America
• History of the Lusby Surname
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• Lusby Family Origins in Virginia
• Lusby Family Origins in North Carolina
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Early Lusbys of England and America

Emily Mackebee has written a very interesting and detailed article dealing with early Lusbys both in England and America. It deals with the first mention of Lusby in the Dooms Day Book to those who immigrated to Virginia and Maryland and then migrated south. Click here to read Emily's excellent article.

History of the Lusby Surname

Ever wonder from where the surname Lusby originated? Here is a little history lesson from Stan Lusby of New Zealand. Stan set up the sea surveying course at the University of Otago and in the 1960s he was a key offshore oil exploration surveyor navigating across what became the big Norwegian and Danish offshore oilfields. Today he writes on ancient navigation methods. Stan will introduce you to Countess Lucy of the Lincolnshire Wolds. Click here to read Stan's well researched article. If you would like to contact Stan about his research he can be reached here: Stan Lusby.

Lusby Family Origins in Maryland

According to the book Colonial Families of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Volume I, by Robert W. Barnes & F. Edward Wright, the first record of a Lusby in Maryland is Robert Lusby (1632-1673), who immigrated with his wife Dorothy and children Elizabeth, Jacob and Rebecca. Another daughter, Sarah was transported in 1663. Robert and Dorothy had two additional children, Zachariah and Robert, both born in Maryland. The descendants of Robert concentrated mostly in Anne Arundel, Cecil & Kent Counties while another family of Lusbys settled in Calvert County. For information dealing with Robert Lusby see the Genealogy Database but remember that this is a work in progress and there are mistakes. If you discover any mistakes or have information about the Robert Lusby family that you would like to share, please contact me.

Calvert County Lusbys are almost certainly descended from Robert Lusby but the connection has yet to be proved. We have two Lusby descendant lines for Calvert County, Samuel and Parsalow Lusby who are in the Genealogy Database under the Calvert Co. Tree. Remember that these are also on going projects and there are errors. Please contact me if you have information dealing with the Calvert County Lusbys.

Lusby Family Origins in Virginia

In addition to the Maryland Lusby information above, the book Colonial Families of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Volume I, by Robert W. Barnes & F. Edward Wright also lists a ROBERT LUSBY, or Lushby, who was transported to Virginia in 1652 by Thomas Cartwright and may have settled in Lower Norfolk County.

We are also fortunate to have some of the descendants of
William A. Lusby, Sr. (1755-1815) of Virginia.  He was probably born in England and his descendants spread from Virginia through out the South.  Most of this data was collected by Bary Lusby with additional information supplied by Lynn Lusby. His family line can be found in the Genealogy Database in the VA Lusbys Tree.

Lusby Family Origins in North Carolina
Emily Lusby Mackebee of Knoxville, TN

This family is called the North Carolina Lusby Family because that is the last place where they can be traced. I am not certain where this North Carolina family originated, but I think the most likely scenario is that this family is descended from the Maryland Lusby family. From reviewing the Maryland family, you can see that they had many descendants.

I listed the sons of Aaron Lusby, as I think them to be. This is based upon information, mostly in censuses, that showed that all were born in Tennessee during a period that Aaron could have been their father. It is possible that some of these could have been sons of William Lusby of Virginia. However since there are no records of William after 1794, I think he disappeared from the area. Henry, Nathan and James were born in Tennessee and were found in Alabama in the same or adjacent counties of Alabama. Samuel and John H. were both born in Tennessee and moved to nearby counties in Kentucky. This line is contained in the
Genealogy Database under NC Lusbys Tree.

Other Lusby Immigrants

The following list of early Lusby immigrants was found in the book The Complete Book of Immigrants.
• Robert Lusby - No date
• Henry Lusby - No date
• Henry Lusby - Immigrated 1756
• Thomas Lusby - Immigrated 1774
• James Lusby - Immigrated 1770

Lusby Military Records

There were a number of Lusbys who served in the Revolutionary War, War Of 1812 and the Civil War. Click here to view a list of Lusbys who served in the military compiled from various sources.
Cleouphus B. Lusby - USS Harvest Moon. For additional information about the USS Harvest Moon sinking click here.

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Email Addresses of Lusby Descendants
Robert Lusby (1632-1673) Line
Jim Hartung
Rankin Lusby
Betty Anne (Lusby) Kolodny
Antoinette Waughtel Sorensen
John Douglas
Cecile Lusby
Bill Lusby
Mark Fletcher Brown

North Carolina Lusby Line
Kyle Simmons

Virginian Lusby Line

Bary Lusby 111 Hartweg Avenue, Fort Thomas, KY 41075