Lusby Military Records


Book - Settlers Of Maryland 1775-1765:
Joseph Lusby, Baltimore, MD - Drew's Enlargement, 9/29/1763.

Revolutionary War

Henry Lusby Possibly son of Robert and Deborah, grandson of Robert and Frances Hynson?, great-grandson of Robert and Mary, great-great-grandson of Robert the Immigrant: Index #49 at Annapolis Archives, Revolutionary Papers, the ship Defense, 12/1777.  Lt. Henry Lusby, 11/7/1777, receipts to Cumberland Dugan for supplies delivered to the ship. On payroll of ship Defense beginning 1776.

Robert Lusby Possibly son of Robert Lusby and Frances Hynson, grandson of Robert and Mary, great-grandson of Robert and Dorothy the Immigrants. Private in Capt. William Marbury's Co. of artillery in 1777 (ref:H-575). He took the oath of Allegiance before Hon. Nicholas Worthington in March 1778 (ref: original list in MD state papers, Red Book 21, MD HR4587, which gives his name as Robert Lusby, however source B-27 mistakenly gives his name as Robert Langley.) He was also commissioned a second lieutenant in Capt. Henry Bateman's Co. of the 7th Battalion on August 15, 1778, at which time his name was properly spelled. (ref: 1144, J-113, O-208) On June 19, 1789, the final distribution of estate, Deborah (widow's third), sevenths balance each child.

Joseph Lusby Possibly son of Draper Lusby and Frances Hynson? Widow? Fought in Revolutionary War 1776. September 12, 1808 military appt., Kent Co., MD. Index # 51 Annapolis Archives.

Henry E. Lusby Possibly son of Robert Lusby and Mary Welch, grandson of Baldwin Lusby, great-grandson of Robert Lusby and Mary Baldwin. Index # 51 at Annapolis Archives, Military Records appts. Henry Lusby, 4/24/1813 Baltimore and 3/23/1814 Baltimore.

Edward Lusby Possibly son of John Lusby and Margaret Larramore, 1780-1784 Revolutionary War Records.

Vincent Lusby August 1783, Revolutionary War Records. Enrolled by Capt. James Disney, Jr. and passed by Colonel Richard Harwood on July 13, 1776 (Ref:H-41). On March 5, 1777 he sent a petition to the Council Of Safety as follows: "On the 15th day of July 1776 your petitioner entered into the service of his country under the command of Capt. James Disney of this county that on the 16th day of Nov. following, he was taken prisoner and so continued until 3rd day of Jan. 1777. That from the time of his being taken prisoner down to present time he hath not received one farthing of wages. Wherefore he prays your honors to take his case under your serious consideration and grant him such relief in premises as to your honors shall seem meet. And your petitioner as in duty bound will pray etc." (Ref:V-162). He took the oath of allegiance before Hon. Richard Harwood, Jr. 3/1/1778 (Ref:B23). On 8/24/1805, final distribution of his estate was made to Ann Lusby, deceased's only child, who received the whole balance. (Ref: U-29)

War Of 1812

Robert Clothier Lusby Son of William and Pamela Lusby. Fought in the war of 1812 under Col. Veazey in defense of Fredricktown, History of Cecil Co., MD.  Also in Index #51 at Annapolis Archives, Military Record appts: Robert Lusby 7/11/1814, Kent Co.; Robert C., 9/10/1814, Cecil Co.; ADJ. Robert C. Lusby, 1/12/1816. Also February 11, 1817, Robert Clothier Lusby was sheriff of Cecil County.   

Eli Lusby, Private - 5 days. 33 Regiment, Kent Co. Lt. Col. William Spencer, Capt. William Boyer. 12 Sep - 24 Sep 1814.

James Lusby 7 days. Attached to the 21th Regiment under the Command of Lt. Col. Philip Reed and encamped at Denby in Kent Co.13 Dec - 21 Dec 1814.

Josiah Lusby Private - 8 days. 8th Calvary Regiment. Capt. Frederick Boyer. 19 Apr - 7 May 1813. Attached to 21 Regiment under Lt. Col. Philip Reed. Encamped in Rock Hall, Kent Co. Capt. Frederick Boyer.

Robert Lusby Cpl. - 4 days. 33 Regiment, Kent Co. Lt. Col. William Spencer, Capt. Ephraim Vansants. 27 Apr - 9 May 1813.

Civil War

Robert Lusby June 18, 1863-22 Feb. 1864. Company A, Ninth Regiment of Infantry, Maryland Volunteers.

Henry Lusby 28 Sept. 1864-15 June 1865. Company I, First Regiment Eastern Shore Infantry, Maryland.

Sergeant John F. Howard Entered service 10-2-61: Company B, 2nd Eastern Shore Volunteer Infantry. (Howard had served with the Reed Rifles militia unit prior to his entry into U.S. service.) Discharged 10-31-64.  Howard made his home on High Street in Chestertown with his wife, the former Emma Lusby, and his two sons, William and Charles. They all preceded him in death. His second wife was named Viola. He died 6-14-1912 at the age of 74, and was buried in the Chester Cemetery, Chestertown. He was survived by a granddaughter, Frances Howard