Book of Immigrants

Lusby, James. Sentenced to transportation stealing sheep Summer 1769

Reprieved for transportation 14 yrs Lent 1770. Lincolnshire.

No Date

Passengers from London to Maryland by the Speedwell, Mr. William Clark: William Gattens of London, carpenter, aged 26, for employment; Joseph Browning of London, tailor, aged 36, for employment. (EFE).
The following bound as indentured servants for four years to go from London to Maryland by the Speedwell, Mr. William Clark: John Gadsby of Lincolnshire, baker, aged 19; Daniel Breplur of Ireland, bricklayer, aged 19; John Moore of Surrey, painter, aged 32; John Edgerler of London, smith, aged 24; Joseph Wright of London, carpenter, aged 19; William Laws of London, cordwainer, aged 22; Robert Shropshire of London, goldsmith, aged 26; John Gurney of Bedfordshire, miller, aged 25; Francis Milliner of Shropshire, glazier, aged 31; John Smith of London, rope maker, aged 21; Jacob Lipdry of London, baker, aged 30; Jacob Reybolt of Surrey, husbandman, aged 45; John Busonworth of Middlesex, gardener, aged 39; Joseph Bolts of London, husbandman, aged 38; John Low of London, turner, aged 19; Frederick Oyle of Essex, calico printer, aged 22; William Mondindale of Lincolnshire, flax dresser, aged 20; Samuel Green of Denbighshire, flax dresser, aged 26; Robert Long of Southwark, (Surrey), jeweller, aged 21; Duncan McDonald of Hampshire, carpenter, aged 28; Francis Appleton of Middlesex, ship carpenter, aged 22; Thomas Collins of London, cooper, aged 32; Richard Mathews of Kent, husbandman, aged 21; William Adams of Kent, baker, aged 45; Joseph Lewis of South Wales, clerk, aged 24; Thomas Gavin of London, cooper, aged 24; Richard Richardson of London, clerk, aged 18;
Robert Lusby of London, clerk, aged 21; Henry Lusby of London, clerk, aged 23; John Snow of London, gardener, aged 46; Henry Hill of Westminster, (Middlesex), carpenter, aged 38; John Barnard of Southwark, (Surrey), founder, aged 24; Marsh Sowerbutts of Lambeth, (Surrey), sawyer, aged 36; John Williamson of Westminster, (Middlesex), linen weaver, aged 45; Richard Sweenan of Essex, husbandman, aged 28; Thomas Bovey of Worcester, whitesmith, aged 27; Benjamin Evans of London, weaver, aged 28; Thomas Collins of London, carver, aged 28; Joseph Hall of Southwark, (Surrey), coppersmith, aged 23; John Cahill of Kent, blacksmith, aged 33; John Pincock of London, clerk, aged 27; Thomas Gordon of Edinburgh, (Scotland), bleacher, aged 23; Thomas Lawrance of Essex, gem smith, aged 33; John Hamilton of Newcastle, (Northumberland), flax dresser, aged 21; Samuel Jacob of Westminster, (Middlesex), tailor, aged 20; William Jacque of Scotland, smith, aged 25; Thomas Garthan of Southwark, (Surrey), cordwainer, aged 19; William Freeman of York, bricklayer, aged 20; Joseph Simmons of London, cordwainer, aged 22; Benjamin Fogg of Surrey, bricklayer, aged 19; John Casey of London, baker, aged 21; James Moore of London, baker, aged 29; Drew Ridley of London, tallow chandler, aged 22; William Morgan of Surrey, peruke maker, aged 21; William Bigg of London, groom & farrier, aged 20; Patrick Farrel of London, schoolmaster, aged 38; Floyd Evans of London, sawyer, aged 45; Henry Crown of London, watch case maker, aged 43; Robert Johnson of London, husbandman, aged 41; George Willis of London, schoolmaster, aged 24; William Oakes of London, glass maker, aged 23; Joseph Brittle of London, glass maker, aged 28; James Bird of London, weaver, aged 24; John Gaddis of Surrey, farmer, aged 36; Thomas Dermot of Surrey, carpenter, aged 25; John Burk of Surrey, husbandman, aged 24; Stephen Winter of London, lapidary, aged 21; Thomas Murphy of Ireland, plasterer, aged 27; Daniel Calaghan of Ireland, hatter, aged 24; Joseph West of London, peruke maker, aged 21; Edward Atmer of London, tallow chandler, aged 25.


10 January 1756. David Glyster apprenticed from Christ's Hospital to Henry Lusby, master of the Sally bound for Antigua. (CH).


The following indentured servants bound from London to Philadelphia by the Amelia, Mr. Sidney Villeneufe: John Mackay of Inverness, (Scotland), husbandman, aged 15; Thomas Cannum of Norfolk, weaver, aged 17; John Bird of London, sawyer, aged 16; William Collup of London, labourer, aged 15; John Garrett of London, labourer, aged 15; Joseph Clark of Yorkshire, baker, aged 18; Nathaniel Banister of Westminster, (Middlesex), bargeman, aged 15; John Price of London, weaver, aged 18; Richard Ham of Cornwall, husbandman, aged 16; Richard Kenny of Kent, husbandman, aged 16; John Cook of Southwark, (Surrey), labourer, aged 15; William Cole of Ipswich, (Suffolk), labourer, aged 16; Daniel Donovan of Ireland, husbandman, aged 16; John King of London, weaver, aged 17; Joseph Harvey of London, weaver, aged 18; William Bonner of London, labourer, aged 15; James King of Greenwich, (Kent), husbandman, aged 21; Edward Dawkins of London, printer, aged 29; Henry Webber of London, cordwainer, aged 25; John Chapple of London, brickmaker, aged 16; Samuel Robinson of London, brickmaker, aged 16; William Page of Middlesex, labourer, aged 15; Richard Griffin of Worcestershire, nailer, aged 15; Thomas Hazlewood of Norwich, labourer, aged 16; William Foster of Norwich, labourer, aged 17; John Finch of Norwich, labourer, aged 15; John Jenkins of Norwich, gardener, aged 17; Peter Dominica of London, joiner, aged 17; Joseph Webster of Norwich, labourer, aged 19; James Donovan of Ireland, husbandman, aged 27; Thomas O'Brian of Ireland, husbandman, aged 27; John Hayes of Ireland, husbandman, aged 26; Patrick O'Brian of Ireland, husbandman, aged 25; William Skirrey of Middlesex, bricklayer, aged 27; John Berner of Middlesex, tailor, aged 24; William Spencer of Middlesex, labourer, aged 15; Thomas Lusby of Lincoln, labourer, aged 16; Thomas Aldin of Norfolk, weaver, aged 21; William Gyles of Southwark, (Surrey), cooper, aged 22; John Dradge of London, weaver, aged 24; Henry Soley of London, heelmaker, aged 27; William Sworder of London, husbandman, aged 26; Joseph Roe of London, labourer, aged 15; Thomas Frederick Norton of London, watchmaker, aged 27. (EFE).