Orphaned Riddle List

The "Orphaned" Riddle Families List was assembled by Cathy Riddle O'Connor.  If you would like your Riddle ancestor line added to this list please contact Cathy and if you find any mistakes please contact me. This list was begun June 30, 1999 from the members of the Riddle Family Discussion Mailing List.
The following researchers are seeking connections to their Riddle ancestors who are not known to be related to the researched Riddle families of VA, NC, KY and PA.

BARNETT RIDDLE born c 1815 in Alabama. Marty Busby
I am a descendant of Barnett Riddle born about 1815 and lived in Jackson Co., AL, then Giles Co., TN. He is listed in Church Mins. in 1838 with his wife Elizabeth Riddle asking for dismissal from church. He had several Children born in Giles Co., TN. John Meade Riddle who was one of his sons is my Great-Great Grandfather and he moved to MS before moving to Red River Co., TX.

One of his sons James Turner Riddle is my Great-Grandfather and one of James Turners sons Bill is my Grandfather. I have seen posts of Barnett Riddle in the early 1800s from NC and Blount Co.,married Al. I have no direct connection to this line but have seen where people are mistaken my Barnett for these. It is said that my Barnett's father was born in VA but came to Alabama from NC. I would like to correspond with anyone interested in or who might have information to share on this Riddle line.

ELIZABETH RIDDLE born ca. 1825 in Jackson Co., ALCo.. Dwight Simmons
Elizabeth is probably a sibling of Barnett Riddle. She married Zachariah Simmons in Lincoln Co. TN on Dec. 28,1839 and then moved next door to Barnett Riddle in Lincoln Co., TN.

THOMAS RIDDLE born ca. 1808 in TN. David Autry
He was married to Elizabeth (maiden name unknown) before 1834.
Elias born ca. 1834
John born 28 Jul 1835
Catherine born ca. 1838

Mary Ann born ca. 1839
Jane born ca. 1841
William born ca. 1843
Elizabeth born ca. 1846
Margaret born ca. 1847
Harriet born ca. 1849, all were born in TN

The family was living in Meigs Co., TN according to the 1850 census. My direct ancestor, John married Elizabeth (maiden name unknown, might have been Brown) moved to Monroe Co., KY about 1861.
David W. born Oct 1860
Elias born Oct 1861
James born ca. 1862
Ruth? Belle born ca. 1863
Richard born ca. 1866
John H. born ca. 1869
William Bond born 3 Oct 1870 (my great grandfather born Asenath Jeffreys)
Jeremiah born ca. 1871
Ida born unknown,
Crittendon born ca. 1875
Mary born 29 Oct 1877

According to the 1880 census they were in Grayson Co., TX.
My branch of the family eventually lived around Maud, OK by the early 1900s.

FRANK RIDDLE of North Carolina born about 1840 Gary Nathan Phillips    
I'm looking for ancestors and descendants of Frank Riddle, born about 1840 NC, my g-g-grandfather.

1880 Census, Cartoogachaye Township, Macon Co., NC:
Frank Riddle, head 30 years, L.A.,wife 23 years, R.L. Riddle, son 6 11/12) years, M.E. Riddle, daughter 4 years old, D.M. Riddle, daughter 2 years old.

1900 Census, Cartoogachaye Township, Macon Co., NC: Frank Riddle born 1840 in NC, farmer, parents were from TN. Wife Liddie A. born July 1849 in TN, parents from NC. Ellen, daughter, born November 1876 (probably the M.E. on the 1880 census). Aevrey son, born March 1882, Nancy (?) daughter, born November 1886, Hattie, daughter born 1889, Theodore, son born May 1893.

She and Frank had been married for 30 years (married abt. 1870).  In 1900 Frank and Liddie had 7 children and all of them were still living, with 5 still at home.  The other two children were R.L. (Robert Lee) born 1873. (Note: Shown on the 1900 census as married to Louisa Jane Pressley and living in the Cartoogachaye township, Macon Co., NC.) D.M. daughter, born 1878 (Apparently married, no information on her).

ROLAND RIDDLE born abt. 1800 Linda Hawkins Wilson
28 Hawkins Lane,
Rising Fawn, GA 30738 
My earliest known Riddle ancestor is Roland (also spelled Rolin and Rowland) Riddle. He is found in the 1830 McMinn Co., TN census and by 1850 is living in Jackson Co., AL. His wife was Mary and children were Mary, Henry, John, Thomas (my g-g-grandfather), Roland II, Ann, William and Duck? My g-grandfather is Thomas' son William Roland.

Roland, born 1800, may have been the Rowland who along with his brother William were bound out in Wythe Co., VA in 1810. This William and Rowland were the sons of Thomas Riddle and Mary Dean. They also had a sister named Mary. I would appreciate contact from anyone with info on this family.

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN RIDDLE born abt. 1835 Kristen Wight Benjamin
Franklin Riddle born abt. 1835 and lived in Wisconsin; married Caroline Elizabeth Simons? My g-g-grandmother is Harriet Evelyn Riddle born 1866 in Lodi, Wisconsin.  Her father Benjamin Franklin Riddle born abt. 1835.  The next link is sketchy.  I believe his father Benjamin Franklin Riddle born 1804 in Bedford and removed to Beloit, Wisconsin.

In Bedford records one source shows a Benjamin Franklin Riddle as child and another record shows a William Franklin Riddle as a child along with the other children.  Both were born abt. 1835 in Bedford.  I am not having any luck with Wisconsin records.  From there BF Riddle father is William Riddle and continues to Gawn Riddle.

Frances/Francis Riddle, son of Samuel born 1839 in MO, died 1874 in Shelbyville, MO, wife Harriet Regina Copenhaver, born 1842 in VA, died 1892 in Shelbyville, MO. 

Virginia/Jenny Riddell (note change of spelling) born 1864 in Shelbyville, MO, spouse was Robert Powell, 1852-1924 and children were Robert, Velma Francis, and Leoti.

A.F. Riddell, 1866-1867, Shelbyville, MO. Lillian Mae Riddell, born 1868 in Shelbyville, MO, died 1959 in MN, spouse was Frederick Streif, born 1866 in IL, died. 1960 in MN (this family is completed in my records).

Nora Riddell, born 1870 in Shelbyville, MO, died in Kansas City, MO and spouse Unknown Rinehart Frank Riddell, born 1874 in Shelbyville, MO, died in Kansas City, MO.

FRED RIDDLE of KY Jenny West 
Fred Riddle of Logan Co. was my g-grandfather.  I have run across Tobias in research but I haven't figured out the connection.  I feel they are related because my grandfather left Pike Co., KY and went to Logan Co.  There must have been some kind of tie for him to go there.  Check also Mingo, Cabel, Wayne, and Lincoln Co. as these were all a part of Logan Co.

Fred Riddle was a son of Ishom, who was the son of Asa, who was the son of Tyree of Stokes Co., NC.  This may help in some way as Tobias could be a cousin, uncle or nephew.  I don't think he could be a brother as I have pretty good record of the direct family. 

JERRY RIDDLE of AL Linda Lane 
From the BLM website, Calhoun Co., AL.  Clementine Riddle, widow of Jerry Riddle - 80.05 acres. Signature date 10 Dec 1897.

JOHN RIDDLE born 1823 KY Steve Tallant
John Riddle born KY abt. 1823 married Nancy J. Shaw born abt. 1825 in Meade Co., KY on Dec. 14, 1847.
Children: Nancy C. born KY abt. 1848
Sarah born MO abt. 1851
Mary E. born MO May 10, 1853 my g-g-grandmother
Georgiana born MO abt. 1856
Elizabeth J. born MO abt. 1858
Susan born MO abt. 1861
Mathew F. born MO abt. 1864married Isaieh born MO abt. 1866
Laura Belle born MO abt. 1868
I have had no luck at all in finding parents for John. This info came from the 1870 Federal Census for Buchanan Co., MO.

JOHN RIDDLE born abt. 1750 Ireland Elaine J. Sawin
John Riddle born abt. 1750 married 1st Margaret DEVERSE.  (Came from Ireland according to Ridlon...p324 Riddles from Pittsburgh, PA) I have land records that show his wife as a Sarah in 1825, so he must have married 2nd.  Children by his first wife not necessarily in birth order.

Nancy married John EKEY/AKEY 21 Jan 1808
Catherine married John WELDEY/WELDY
Margaret (Peggy) married Philip SMITH who had died by 1841
Elizabeth (Betsy) married John ABRAHAM 10 Nov 1808
James married Elizabeth GILL 30 Apr 1818.  Moved to MN in 1850s
David died single (?)
Joseph died single (?)
Samuel died single (?)
John died single(?)
Isaac N. married 1st (unknown) 5 children by this marriage.

At this point I need to say that one of the above sons listed in Ridlon's book as died single did not as there is a Hiram born Riddle who signs off on John's land after he died and is not the son of James or my Isaac.

Children of Isaac by his 1st marriage:
Mary married Cornelius WARD 24 Jun 1838
Sarah married (?) living in Wooster, OH in 1842.
Margaret Jane married John GILL 20 Aug 1846.  Related to the above Elizabeth?, don't know. David married (?)
John married (?) This son was in prison at the time of the settling of his father's estate in 1848.  I believe he eventually married. 
Isaac married 2nd Louisa unknown (this is my line). 

Children from this marriage:

Jemima born 1838/1839 in OH married John Kelly 21 Aug 1859.
Harriet Ann born 1840/1841 in OH married Patrick Kelly 5 Oct 1859.
William L. born Jun 1845 in Greersville, Knox, OH  married Lydia Ann HOLLOWAY on Jul 30 1865.
William is my line and from him to his son James to his son Dale to my father Dale and to me.

JOHN H. RIDDLE born 1798 MD Laura Clark 
John H. Riddle born 11-11-1798 in married Sarah Lundry.  They had one child that we know of and that was Meredith Monroe Riddle.  Meredith was born 2-1-1832 in Spring River Township, IN.  He married first, Ruth Reed around 1858. 

They had 3 children in Iron Co., MO.

Mary Elizabeth Riddle born 2-11-1859, died 3-3-1859.
Sarah Jane Riddle born 2-22-1860.
Geneva Angeline Victoria Ellen Riddle born 3-21-1861.

Ruth Reed passed away and Dr. Riddle and his only surviving daughter Geneva moved in with his parents in 1868.  The 1860 census shows John H. married to Mary (?).  We think this is Mary Lutz.  What happened to Sarah, Meredith's mother?  There is no further mention of her.  In 1870 the census shows John without a wife but shows that Meredith moved in with him along with his new wife and new son.

In 1868 Dr. M. M. Riddle married Sara, married Jane Snow Jenkins on 2-24-1868.  On 9-19-1868 they had my g-grandfather, Samuel R. S. Riddle.  He and the other children by Sarah were all born in Des Arc, MO. 

Other children were;

Emily Arinary Riddle born 7-13-1873, died 5-21-1902 Ravenden Springs, AR.
James Elich Riddle born 4-6-1871 Des Arc, MO.
Monroe M. Riddle Jr. born 9-1-1876 Des Arc, MO.
Sarah Snow also had a daughter by a previous marriage named Mary Jenkins who married a Robert Riddle a few months after her mother's death in 1877.  Their marriage must have been annulled because she was living with her step-father in the 1880 census for Randolph Co., AR.  Sarah Snow Jenkins Riddle died in Ravenden Springs, AR so they must have moved there abt. 1876 soon after the birth of Monroe, Junior.

In 1877 Dr. M. M. Riddle married Mary Francis LeMastis Todd.  She had a son Joseph Todd from a previous marriage.  They were married in AR. 

Children; Martha Ann Riddle born 12-14-1878. Charlotty I. Riddle born 3-21-1879. Lola Francis Riddle born 7-25-1882. Milinery Millis Riddle born 6-28-1885. William Carroll Riddle born 1-18-1896. Samuel R.S. Riddle married Florence Huddleston in 1898 in Randolph Co., AR. 

Geneva Isabell Riddle born 1900.
Laura Mae Riddle born 1902.
Sarah Jean Riddle born 1907.
Male child Riddle unknown birth date or death date.

There were undoubtedly more Riddle children of this union.

NEWTON RIDDLE born 1842  MO Shirley Riddle Hayworth 
Newton Riddle born 1842 in Cooper Co., MO.  He died in 1918 in LA Co., CA.  His 1st wife was Mildred Turley born in 1844 and died in 1879.   He married Martha O'Howell in 1847.  There was a son born to Newton but with which wife has not been determined.  His name was Jesse Riddle.

My grandfather, Joseph William Riddle was born Jun 20, 1881 in Arrow Rock, Cooper Co., MO and his mother was Martha O'Howell.  He died Feb 1961 in Pomona, LA Co., CA.  He married Bessie Staten Aug 7, 1907 in Pomona, CA.

I have found two names in the 1860 census from Cooper Co., MO that may be Newton Riddle’s parents but have not been able to prove either.  They are John W. Riddle born in 1825 in KY (a pill agent) and Susan Riddle born in 1829 in KY.

THOMAS WILLIAM RIDDLE born 1860/1 Linda Lanea 
Thomas William Riddle's headstone gives his year of birth as 1861.  His death certificate gives the birth date as Jan. 13, 1860.  Thomas Riddle and Rachel Lemons were married May 1860 Jackson Co., AL.  Thomas William lived with Rachel according to census until at least 1880.  A William Lemons was bondsman for his marriage to Margaret Lynn.  The 1860 census of Jackson Co., AL shows Thomas age 22, Rachel age 23, Ransom Carmicheal, Margaret age 4 born TN, Lucinda age 2, born TN.  No mention of Thomas William. 

1870 census, Marshall Co., AL shows Rachel 33 born TN living with a Thomas Boggess family, no children mentioned.  Next door with no apparent adult a family by the name of Lamons: Ransom R. age 15, Margaret age  13, Lucinda age 11 and Thomas W. age 8.  Thomas W. is also shown with Rachel Riddle in the 1880 Marshall Co., AL census but in his death certificate it states Thomas Riddle as father and mother unknown.  Information sent to me by another researcher believes the Thomas, father of Thomas William, was married to a Minerva Bowers before 1880 census and they had two children.  A daughter named Frances who had a son named Luke Riddle, so assume she was unmarried and a son who had 14 children.  Family stories state that Thomas and his sister Lucinda were worked extremely hard by a Dr. Thomas and at first chance they ran away. Wonder if this was Thomas Boggess?

THOMAS RIDDLE, Sr., born 1798 KY Loretta Riddle 
Thomas Riddle Sr, born ca. 1798 in Frankfort, KY, married Hulda Osborn, born 1808 in KY and died 04-15-1856 in Lynnville, IN. She was buried at the Lynnville Cem. in Lynnville, Warrick Co., IN. The Osborne's lived in Warrick Co., IN including her brother Warden which would be why they named their first child Warden.

They had the following children:
Warden (Worden) Riddle born 11-11-1825 in Nelson Co., KY., married Ann Nettle 05-30-1848 in Shelby Co., IN and born ca. 1828. Was the daughter of Charles and Mariah Nettle Warden. Ann came to Daviess Co., KY in 1848. He died in 1910. They had 5 children, only know of 3 and all were born in Daviess Co., KY.
(1) John born ca. 1850,
(2) William born ca. 1852,
(3) Laura born ca. 1852.

Thomas Riddle Jr. born ca. 1827 in KY He married Elizabeth Nettle 01-12-1848 in Shelby Co., IN. Their children were all born in Daviess Co., KY.
(1). Charles born ca. 1849,
(2). Ann M. born ca. 1850,
(3). Maddy R. born ca. 1852,
(4). William Morrison born 08-28-1854,
(5). Julius born ca. 1856,

(6). Edward T. born ca. 1863.

Mary Jane Riddle born 02-14-1829 in Daviess Co., KY She married Absalom Rainey 09-27-1853. Their children are:
(1). Wm. Everett born 11-22-1855,
(2). Eva Ethel born 04-29-1857.

William Riddle born ca. 1833 in Daviess Co., KY Wm. was living with the family of Peter Wilson in 1850 Warrick Co., Ind. Census. He lived in Somersville, Ind., where he died.
Minerva F. Riddle born 04-01-1835 in Daviess Co., KY She married Richard Spillman 03-13-1851 in Warrick Co., Ind. Info. from the Spillman Family Bible. Minerva was living with the family of John Barrow when she was 15 years old in Warrick Co., Ind.
(My line) Jacob Riddle born ca. 1838 in Daviess Co., KY He married Mary Jane Reed 01-15-1863 in Pike Co., IN. She was born 02-11-1846 in KY, the daughter of Elijah and Rebecca (Slater) Reed.
All 6 children born in Pike Co., IN.
1. Wm. T. Riddle born 12-17-1861,
2. John W. Riddle born 03-1864,
3. Alice Riddle born ca. 1867,
4. Samuel Riddle born ca. 1869,
5. Charles Henry Riddle born 06-08-1875 in Warrick Co., IN. He married Florence Owens born 11-21-1882 in Pike Co., IN, daughter of Adam and Julia Ann (Fleener) Owens, and had 8 children. (My line)

(1). John Burl Riddle born 10-28-1902 in Gibson Co., IN, never married.
(2). Pearl Riddle born 11-13-1904 in Gibson Co., IN.
(3). Owen Riddle Sr. born 03-31-1905 in Owensville, IN.
(4). Charles Arthur Riddle born 10-13-1906 in Owensville, IN.
(5). Elijah Riddle born and died 03-08-1909, a twin to
(6). (My line) James Alva Riddle born in Owensville, IN He married Madge Marie Shoulders born 08-16-1916 in Piggott, AR, daughter of Thomas and  Roxie Ann (Mayo) Shoulders. They had two sons
1. Russell Edward Riddle born 11-16-1937 in Oakland City, IN.
2. Tom Riddle born 02-26-1939 in Oakland  City, IN.
(7). Julia Maude Riddle born 04-12-1914 in Gibson Co., IN. (6). Elijah Riddle born ca. 1879. 7. Peyton Riddle born ca. 1840
8. Rebecca Riddle born ca. 1842 married a Gentry.
9. Samuel Riddle born ca. 1843 married Sarah born Ricketts 01-14-1863 in Pike Co., IN. They had 5 children:
1. John Harrison born 04-19-1865 in Pike Co., IN married Ada Nixon 05-16-1890 Pike Co., IN, they had 7 children all born in Pike Co., IN.
2. Isaac W. Riddle born ca. 1868 in Pike Co., IN and married Ida. F. Reed.
3. Robert Frank
4. Hulda A.
5. Laura Bell
10. Angeline Riddle born ca. 1845

TOBIAS RIDDLE of WV Fran Tomblin 
Tobias Riddle from around Logan Co., WV.

WILLIAM RIDDLE born 1803 KY or VA Cathy Riddle O'Connor 
William Riddle born 19 March 1803 KY or VA; died 13 Sept 1840 in Monroe Co, IN;  married Polly Parks, 25 March 1830 Monroe Co, IN. 
Their children: 
William T.  (Thomas or Thompson),
Priscilla Caroline,
George Marion,
Harrison H. Riddle. 
Children all born between 1831-1839 and all ended up in Marshall Co., IN.

WILLIAM RIDDLE born late 1800  CA? Marie Cook
William (Bill) Riddle married Gynell (maiden name unknown).  They were probably born in the late 1800s as William is the brother of my g-grandmother Evalina Riddle Lewis.  They lived in La Habra, CA which is in Los Angeles Co.
William Riddle
Juanita Riddle born 1335/1937 (married name Simmons).
Darrell Riddle
James Riddle
Last known address for Juanita was in Norwalk, CA which is also in LA Co.