Riddle Family Researchers

The following list consist of people who are researching Riddle families that are not directly connected with Tyre, Randolph or John Riddle of Stokes Co., NC. Anyone interested in exchanging information concerning these Riddle lines may contact the researchers directly or let me know and I will pass on your information.

Family Line: Golden Riddle who is interred at Germanton, NC. Born 31 July 1888 and died 28 April 1938.
Contact: Esther Johnson

Family Line: William Thomas Riddle, born abt. 1740, married Harriet "Happy" Rogers Roberts. Some researchers of this family believe that William was a Tory Captain and lived in VA, conducted raids into NC during the Revolutionary War and was hanged in Wilkes Co., NC. Other researchers believe William was an American patriot and served under Gen. Francis "Swamp Fox" Marion, was captured by the British and hanged in Augusta, GA. After the death of William, his wife "Happy" and their children moved west to Tennessee. William's descendants continued their western migration to TX, UT, and IN.
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Contact: Mary Hill 502 S 1040 E #250, American Fork, UT 84003
Chauncey C. Riddle 1146 Birch Lane, Provo, Utah 84604
Kerry Fleming 237 Braeshire, Manchester MO 63021
Lynn Stephenson P.O. Box 25, Avery, Texas 75554

Family Line: John Riddle born 1804 in Owen Co., KY. I believe my family came from Fauquier Co., VA.  John Riddle was married to Martha Cammack, daughter of Beverly Cammack wed in Owen Co., Kentucky.
Contact: Susie Riddle Pollock

Family Line: William Julius Riddle, born abt. 1708, married Elizabeth Nancy Minter abt. 1740 in Caroline Co., VA. They settled in Orange (Chatham) Co., NC and had seven sons who served with distinction on the American side in the Revolutionary War. They were men of great size and extraordinary physical strength. William and his brother Thomas were among the first Riddles to settle in NC. It is believed that the ancestors of this branch of Riddles were from Scotland. By 1808 some of William Julius and Elizabeth Nancy's descendants began the westward migration and settled in TN. From TN they spread to TX, AR, OK and other states.
Contact: Danny D. Riddle

Family Line: Stephen Riddle (1730-1807) settled on the Yadkin River in Rowan Co. NC, near the present-day Davie/Forsyth Co. line. His wife was Elizabeth Douthit (1739-1790). Children include Elizabeth born 1763 and Sarah Ann born 1767 who married brothers Robert and John Elrod and moved to IN abt. 1816; Mary born 1761; John born 1764, married Mary Keen; Benjamin born 1769, married Nellie Hardline and Mary Slater, moved to TN in 1822; Anna born 1772, married William Ellis; Stephen born 1776.
Contact: Elizabeth Harris Web Site: The Jarvis and Other Family Relatives

Family Line: William Harrison Riddle, born 1878 in Walnut Grove, Pulaski Co., KY., died 1941 in OK. He married Matilda Ann Isaacs March 31, 1895 in Pulaski Co.. Son was Amos John Riddle born 1896, Elgin, KY and died 1971 in CA. He married Juliette Aaron, June 6, 1936. Son John Aaron Riddle born 1941 in Ontario, CA and married Barbara Jean Guyette, Oct 14, 1960.
Contact: John Aaron Riddle 3725 SE Malden St., Portland, OR 97202

Family Line: William Riddle born 1771 married Rachel Lucy Atkinson born circa 1770s. Son, David Riddle, born circa 1807 in NC and had two wives, Molly and Artilla Penelope Roberts. William's siblings were Bennett, William (Buck), James married, Henry, and Presley Riddle.
Contact: John R. Hammond Wisconsin

Family Line: John Riddle born 1680, died after 1745 in Prince George's Co., MD.
1. John Riddle Jr born 1708, married Elizabeth Lentall in Prince George's Co., MD. Children were Basil, Jeremiah, Susannah, John III, Samuel, James. James born 1739 in Prince George's Co., died 1816 WVA and married Dorcas A. Welch.
2. George born 1710, married Margaret then Eleanor Lee in Prince George's Co., MD.

3. Elizabeth born 1721 and married George Linton.
Contact: Charles Riddle

Family Line: PA - Matthew Riddle, born 1743, Ballyblack, Ireland married to Elizabeth Gilkey. He served in General Washington's staff and was one of the first into Westmoreland and Venango Co., PA.
Contact: Susan L. Cowles

Family Line: John Y. Riddle born 1816 GA and died Coryell Co. TX. He married Caroline Nealy born 1822. They had one child, Wilson S. Riddle born 1848 and died 1930 in Coryell Co., TX. He married Margaret ? Bird. Children were Carrie E. Riddle born 1878, John Y. Riddle born 1879, Samuel Duffie Riddle born 1883 and died 1934, Ollie R. Riddle born 1885 and Willie Riddle who died as an infant.
Children of Samuel Duff Riddle and Alice McMinn were John Wiley Riddle born 1910, Archie Wilbur Bruce Riddle born 1912 and died 1964, Wilson DeKalb Riddle born 1906 and 1992, Bessie Mae Riddle born 1908 and died 1964.
Contact: Patsy Davis Kirk

Family Line: John Riddle born in Ireland (?) abt. 1760 and died abt 1839 in Stubenville, OH. He married Margaret Deverse. They had 10 children, all born in Pittsburgh, PA. Children: (not necessarily in birth order)
Samuel married Margaret unknown
John Joseph
James married, Elizabeth Gill (7 children)
Nancy married John Ekey
Catherine married John Weldy
Margaret (Peggy) married Philip Smith
Elizabeth (Betsy) married John Abraham
Isaac married 1st unknown, 5 children: John, David, Margaret, Mary, Sarah married 2nd wife Louisa unknown 3 children: Jemima born 1838, Harriet born 1840, William born 1845.
Contact: Elaine J. Sawin

Family Line: Frank Riddle Sr. married Margaret "Lydia" Strutton? Son Charlie Theodore Riddle born 5/29/1892 married Jennie Louise Mathis born 9/17/1894.
Contact: Sherrie Riddle

Family Line: John W. Riddle married Eliza E. Ecanandes 1 June 1854. Daughter of John and Eliza was Sarah Riddle who married James Neeves.
Son James William Harrison Neeves married Willie Dolinger. Their daughter Callie E. Neeves married David William Osborn. Their daughter Naomi Ruth Osborn married Jack Thomas Nelson.
Contact: Ann Osborn-Reed Web Site: Crowsdaughter
Family Line: John Davis Riddle married Olive Hall Dunbar. Theodocia Orlinda Riddle married John H. Evert, Sarah Jane Evert married Edwin Dickens Hughes, William Mckinley Hughes married Ruby Marie Johnson, Sylvia Irene Hughes married Lewis C. Anderson, Roger L. Anderson married Mary Jane Williams, James J. Anderson married Farasat Mohammad.
Contact: James J. Anderson