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Origins Of The Walker Surname
Supplied by Howard G. Walker

A Dictionary of Surnames, Hanks Hodges, Oxford Press, NY 1988, and A New Dictionary of American Family Names, Elsdon C Smith.

Walker English and Scots: 1. occupational name for a fuller, ME walkere, an agent deriv of wealcan to walk, tread. This was the regular term for the occupation during the Middle Ages in W and N England (cf FULLER and TUCKER), but now the surname is fairly widespread. The highest concentrations are in the patch of NW England centered on Leeds, and in the Gampian region of Scotland. As a Scots surname it has also been used as a translation of Gael Mac an Fhucadair, see McNUCATOR. 2. Habitation name from a place in Northumb, so called from ME wall (Roman) wall (see WALL 1) + ker marsh (see KERR).

[From disremembered sources: A name applied to a person who lived near Hadrian's Wall, a 73 mile long wall built to keep Scottish raiders from plundering Roman-English farms and villages. Also a name applied to tinkers and peddlers.]

ASIDE: A fuller's stock in trade were his big feet. The bigger the better for treading on cloth in a rather large vat or tub performing the very tedious job of walking in circles. A very likely place of origin of the expression "going around in circles" meaning to perform a seemingly needless task with no end in sight.

John Walker and Descendants

My Walker family begins with John Walker born 1790 in Lancaster Co., PA, who married Sarah "Sally" Williams about 1811. John and Sally had thirteen offspring. One of their sons, John moved his family of eight to Peach Bottom TWP in York Co., PA sometime between 1851 and 1860. John and two sons, Mahlon and Lewis served during the Civil War.

Other Walker Researchers

Family Line: Joseph Culbertson Walker of Cumberland Co., PA, which adjoins Lancaster, from 1700-1800, when the family "moved" through Washington, DC and later to AL and TN (but may have left brothers, sisters and cousins PA). This Walker family originated in Ireland.
Contact: Mark Freeman

Family Line: Robert Walker family of Lancaster, PA.
Contact: Robin Davis

Family Line: William Walker married to Sarah Gibson with son James Gibson Walker in early 1800s in Ontario and in Great Lakes area of USA.
Contact: Muriah

Family Line: Henry Walker a coal miner/farmer born 1865 died 1933 in Guernsey Co., Ohio.  He married Effie Stevens born 1870 and died 1944 in Guernsey Co., Ohio. They had 11 children, Nancy, Joselph, Hattie, Clovis P, Mary, Ethel, Ester, Dessie, William, John and Hazel.
Contact: Patricia Davis

Family Line: Ann Walker b. about 1735 of Cumberland Co., PA had a brother named Benjamin and a sister named Rebecca (Coulter). Ann married James Watts about 1754 and had six children: Francis, James, John, Frederick, Margery and Rebecca.
Contact: Jean Deal

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Descendant E-Mail Addresses

Jim Hartung
Frank Hess
Jerry W. Michael
Dotye Summers